Well, my name is Dr. Ranjit Sah. I am from Siraha, Nepal. I am Infectious Diseases (ID) expert in Nepal

Paragonimus species, Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica, Acanthemoeba species, Echinostoma species, Human Thelaziasis, Human Toxoplamosis, Human G. hominis infection etc were diagnosed for the first time in Nepal by me and were confirmed by CDC. Recently published T. asahii in combined liver and Kidney Transplant recipient, have done few publication in Index journal and believe to work as a team for publication. I am always keen to learn about emerging and diagnosed infectious diseases (ID) in Nepal where the majority of the deaths are associated with infectious and tropical diseases so that a lot many of deaths can be prevented timely. Moreover, I love to share my knowledge with juniors.

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